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My Dad, my best friend - Buck Buchanan
Passed away suddenly on Feb 5, 2008
We spent every day together caring for the horses and shared many great hours together.
I don't like being  without him.........

Thanks for everything Dad !!!
Dr. Nicole  Pearsall
We built the small animal clinic  just two miles down the road.  Nicole and I got our love of animals from my Dad so we built this clinic in honor of  him.
I think he would be proud!!! 
We opened on his birthday, July 10,2009.

Welcome to our collection of Mini-Whinnies !

My farm is conveniently located in Western Pennsylvania just off Interstate 80. I started raising Miniature Horses in 1980 while raising our family of  3 children. Horses were in my blood as I grew up so I couldn't stay away from them. I started out slow but I always felt that quality mares are an essential part of an outstanding breeding program, combined with stallions of superior & significant bloodlines.  My main focus was quality, conformation and a beautiful Arabian head.   To achieve this it takes focus along with bloodlines that stand the test of time.  Our stallions carry top bloodlines such as 2012's World Champion - GRAHAM'S RAGTIME,  Billy Idol,   and FWF Little Blue Boy. Our mares carry those lines plus  Gold Melody Boy, Glenn's Southern Rouge, Boogerman, Little Kings Black Velvet, Rowdy, Roan Ranger, FWF Little Blue Boy and many more.  Our stallions and mares hold many AMHA and AMHR National titles and also Hall of Fame titles. Now after 30 + years of raising miniatures I must say I am very proud of what I am producing. I have sold minis to many countries and enjoyed meeting people from all over the World. My daughter and I do most of our pictures ourselves as well as our web page. My father was a huge part of my success in the minis due to his help and support.  He is gone now and my children are grown.  My youngest daughter, Nicole,  shares my love of horses and she is now a veterinary so we built a vet clinic just two miles down the road in honor of my Dad.  Alot of things have changed in my life since I lost my Dad but Nicole and I are not giving up. The miniatures will still be a big part of our life as well as the animals we call 'family'.
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